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The Art Of Pricing Irresistible Consulting Offers

Unlocking your true pricing power is not just about charging more. It’s about creating irresistible consulting offers that reflect the excellence you provide, and ultimately, unlocking the full potential of your business. In this episode, Casey Brown, President and Founder of Boost Pricing, talks about the art of pricing irresistible consulting offers. She discusses how to help companies discover their true pricing power and how to get paid well for the excellence they provide. Casey discusses her brand’s pricing strategies, how pricing affects businesses, its benefits, and why it’s often overlooked. Drawing from her experience, she offers valuable insights and advice for all small businesses on how to compete in the challenging pricing market. Tune in now.

The Art Of Pricing Irresistible Consulting Offers With Casey Brown: Podcast #287




I am very excited to have Casey Brown joining us. Casey, welcome.

Thank you, Michael. I’m happy to be here.

For those who are not familiar with your work yet, they soon will be. You are the President and Founder of Boost Pricing. At Boost, you help companies to discover their true pricing power. We will talk about what that even means. The goal is to help people to get paid very well for the excellence that they provide. That’s I believe how you put it. If anyone in the world of consulting success spends any time in our community, they are a client, or they have been around our show or any content that we put out, they know that we love talking about pricing and pricing strategy.

You and I spoke before we do this. It’s such a powerful area that oftentimes people ignore, or there’s hesitation around adjusting pricing but you and I both know it can have such a positive and powerful impact on a consulting business or any business. I‘m excited about our conversation here. Before we get into all the nitty–gritty around pricing, and we will make this very valuable for everyone, I would love to go back a little bit in time because you started as an engineer or have an engineering background. You have a patent under your name for a lamp. What is the patent called?

I worked at GE Lighting. I worked on light bulb technology. Inside the light bulb design world, a light bulb is called a lamp. I have a light bulb patent for a high-intensity discharge light bulb.

Are you still collecting royalties from that?

I got a nice plaque and a little cash award but the dollars all accrue to General Electric.

I‘m sure they had that contract tightly in place. Talk to me about engineering for a minute and not having that background. Is there anything that you feel that your experience of being an engineer and doing engineering work helps your thought process or how you apply that in terms of pricing and the work that you do?

I ended up in engineering by accident. By that, I mean I was good at math and science, and I didn’t know what else to do. I started as an engineer. I love the technical and analytical aspects of it. I love spreadsheets. Excel is my jam but I have a pretty big personality. I talk a lot. I live out loud. That was a problem for the other engineers in my department. I ended up also by accident finding my way into Six Sigma at GE. I was one of the early black belts. I ended up doing rotation and pricing. That’s where I fell in love and found what I was going to do with the rest of my career, which is exactly what I have done.

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