Why Google safe browsing is important

Written by Mike Boutwell

September 20, 2022

In this modern era, everything is now available in search engines such as Google. These search engines come up with advanced features that allow individuals to browse about multiple things ranging from simple to complex areas. The more we depend on these online platforms, the more it is important to understand the importance of the safety concerns regarding these engines. These days, the problems of cybersecurity are increasing and are a source of potential threats to multiple users. If you are shopping online or even just browsing, these cyber threats can be a potential source of invasion to your privacy. However, there are also now many systems that are there to protect you from these threats. One such system is Google Safe Browsing. In this, all potential websites that can be a source of danger to your privacy or can be a source of virus are collected in a database called blacklist. Then this database is provided to different browsers such as Google Chrome.

Websites that are blacklisted

Now you might wonder how you can tell which website is blacklisted? It is where Google Safe Browsing comes into place. In most cases it is turned on automatically. If you visit a website instead of the content being shown up on the page, there is an alert sign warning you about the dangers of that website, that simply means that the website was blacklisted by Google Safe Browsing. The warning sign is there to tell you that the website is potentially harmful to your device. It might contain any virus or any other malware that can harm your personal data.

How to turn on Google Safe Browsing

Now you know that Google Safe Browsing is extremely important. In most devices it is automatically turned on, however, you can also check to make sure that whether this advantageous feature is on or not. If you are using Google Chrome, you will have to go to the setting options. There you will have to scroll down to the privacy option and put a checkmark next to it to protect your device from dangerous pages. Yes, it is that simple! These are short and quick steps you need to take to make sure that your device is safe from all dangerous content on the internet which could possibly bring damage to your private information. Now if you are using Firefox, you need to go to the security settings and put a tick mark next to two options which are, block reported attack sites and web forgeries. These steps are short and will provide you with immediate protection.

Now you must also agree that Google Safe Browsing is extremely important. There are many useful websites on the internet and the benefits of the internet are ever growing. However, with this growth there is also an increase in dangerous websites which are the source of different malwares. These malwares are dangerous but can be avoided by simple activations like Google Safe Browsing. Hence, every internet user should make sure that their Google Safe Browsing is turned on. This is one of the simplest ways to have security for your devices and all personal information from online threats!

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