Israel Plans ‘Cyber-Dome’

Written by Mike Boutwell

August 16, 2022

Recently, the newly appointed head of Israel’s National Cyber Directorate (INCD) declared that the country has plans to develop a “Cyber-Dome,” a national defense system designed to protect against digital assaults. The Israeli government made the announcement.

Gaby Portnoy, who currently serves as the director-general of INCD, delivered his first address in front of an audience on Tuesday. In February, he was appointed to his current position, which he has held since. In it, he described the organization’s goals regarding the Cyber-Dome and how they might be accomplished. After 31 years of service in the Israeli Defense Forces, where he rose through the ranks to brigadier general, Portnoy eventually retired.

In a presentation that took place in Tel Aviv, Portnoy made the following statement: “The Cyber-Dome would raise national cyber security by deploying new processes in the national cyber perimeter, thereby minimizing the harm from cyber attacks at scale.” In addition, the Cyber-Dome will provide users with a wide range of tools and services, all of which will enhance the current degree of security offered to national assets. The Dome is a cutting-edge defensive concept that incorporates big data, artificial intelligence, and total proactive defense. At the national level, it will synchronize real-time detection, analysis, and mitigation of threats.

Because the INCD successfully defended against 1,500 cyberattacks in just the previous year, the construction of the Cyber-Dome was deemed vital by Portnoy. The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) went to great lengths to locate the principal source of those strikes.

The assertion that “Iran has become our leading opponent in cyber, allied with Hezbollah and Hamas” was expressed by Portnoy. “We are there, we observe them, and we are acquainted with how they carry out their business. On the other hand, the inquiry was broadened to include attackers, attack groups, proxies, independent criminal organizations, and private persons.

This who’s who list suggests that Israel believes it needs additional defenses, which is why the plan for the Cyber-Dome was devised.

Iron Dome is the name of a missile defense system that is already operational in Israel. This system’s primary mission was to intercept and neutralize shorter-range missiles when it was first developed. Iron Dome is yet another system that makes use of automation; nonetheless, it has been under criticism on account of its high cost, uncertainties over its level of effectiveness, and deployment during the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine.

As a result of this, the term “Cyber-dome” in and of itself might be taken in a very negative manner.

Portnoy did not address the fact that the project may generate controversy during his speech, nor did he provide any indication as to when the Cyber-Dome will be operational.

On the other hand, he did mention that the Dome by itself won’t be enough to assist Israel in safeguarding its digital domain in the future.

According to what he said, “it is difficult for a single person to combat cyber onslaught alone.” “You absolutely need to have partners—here at home, in your defense community, in the government, in the various sectors, in the academic community, in the corporate sector, and all around the world,”

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