Cybersecurity Awareness: What is it?

Written by Mike Boutwell

September 28, 2022

With cyber threats on the rise, cybersecurity knowledge is critical for keeping your workers and organization secure online. With so many tools accessible, it’s the ideal opportunity for many firms to raise cybersecurity awareness and kick-start a training program.

But, before we get into how you can take advantage of Cybersecurity Awareness, we must first grasp the function of cybersecurity awareness in keeping your employees and business secure.

What exactly is cybersecurity awareness?

Cyber security awareness is the mix of understanding and responding to safeguard a company’s information assets. When employees at a company are cyber security conscious, it implies they understand what cyber dangers are, the possible impact a cyber-attack would have on their firm, and the procedures needed to decrease risk and prevent cybercrime from invading their online workplace.

However, creating a culture of cyber security awareness in the workplace does not mean eliminating the danger of data theft or cybercrime to your firm.

What is the significance of cybersecurity awareness?

Many firms encounter security breaches despite having best-in-class protection systems and policies. Unfortunately, human error is frequently a critical contributing component in many data breaches.

Cybersecurity awareness educates your staff about the destructive techniques employed by cybercriminals, how they might be easy targets, how to identify possible dangers, and what they can do to prevent being a victim of these subtle attacks. It provides your workers with the information and resources they need to detect and flag possible hazards before they cause any harm.

What should cybersecurity awareness training cover?

Cybersecurity awareness training has evolved from mainly being designated for security experts to encompassing administrators and other staff. The extent of cybersecurity awareness programs might vary based on the number of employees, their level of awareness, funding, and other factors. Whatever the extent, the following are some courses that any cybersecurity awareness training program must cover.

  • Browser security

Since web browsers are the doorways to the internet and contain enormous amounts of sensitive data, including personal information, they are prime targets for hackers. Not all websites you visit on the internet are secure, so you must be careful when browsing the web.

  • Email security

Email is one of the most powerful corporate communications platforms nowadays. However, it is also a point of entry for many sorts of cybercrime, such as phishing, malware, ransomware, etc.

  • Work from home security

Working from home is the new standard, as seen by most firms globally employing a hybrid work approach. This creates new issues for enterprises since they must now assure safety and security at work and home. This entails extra security concerns. These concerns, however, may be considerably reduced if your personnel have the proper information and equipment.


Other security concerns include physical security, setting up strong and unique passwords for each employee, and removable media security. While being aware of cybersecurity won’t necessarily help solve any cybercrime, it will prevent such attacks from happening in the first place.

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