Cyberdome- the latest attempt at combating cyber threats

Written by Mike Boutwell

September 6, 2022

The world has changed. No one can deny the rise in the digitization of every aspect of life. From the field of medicine to national defence, everything is now online. And while it is safer in some ways, people have found methods to attack virtually. Thus the rise of cybercrimes in the world has become imminent.

However, we have not been sitting with our hands tied behind our backs. Various methods have been generated to keep these digital crimes at bay. What started with passwords, user-key authentications and firewalls has now evolved immensely and the world has started using “cyber dome” to protect itself digitally.

What is Cyberdome?

Cyberdome is primarily a form of artificial intelligence that is designed to safeguard the national cyber perimeter of a country. The main purpose behind the formation of a cyberdome is the implementation of new mechanisms that boost cyber defence. With the rise in cyber attacks across many different countries, the formation of cyberdome is now a necessary and strategic step toward the country’s continued protection against cybercrime.

Cyberdome at Kerala

One example of a successful and fully operational cyberdome comes from Kerala, India. A small office in the Techno Park campus within the district, consisting of experts and youth alike, acts as the first line of defence against all cyberattacks. This is cyberdome! These people specialize in hacking, software programming and coding within the ethical limits and protect the country against digital threats. Some of the threats that have been successfully dealt with are mentioned below.

1. Ransomware attack

Cyberdome successfully protected the Kerala government from a possible ransomware attack in the March of 2017. Through an email, they became aware of a plan that would encrypt all the important photos, files and databases which could only be retrieved by paying bitcoins. While the world and many governments faced this issue, Kerala was spared thanks to the efforts of the cyberdome.

2. Cyber-surveillance and infiltration programs

The Kerala police department in collaboration with cyberdome has successfully controlled the unchecked spread of online games such as “Blue Whale”, which created havoc among the citizens, especially parents who had to lose their children to this outrageous game.

Cyberdome combated another grave cybercrime, child pornography. Inappropriate images of children would be found on porn sites. To counter such crises, the police and cyberdome used their joint efforts to crack down on suspicious radical groups and suspects. They used the element of deception and fabricated false identities to infiltrate these groups and collect useable evidence against them.

Thus by activating surveillance and infiltration programs, child pornography was effectively countered.

Cyberdome in Isreal

Israel is another country that is contemplating forming a cyberdome. Possible cyberattacks from Iran and other countries have pushed the country to feel the need for another safeguard against online threats. Previously, the country had “iron-dome” which was an aerial defence system used for protection against short-range rockets.

However, cyberdome would enhance the country’s defence system in the digital world. In Kerala, it has proved its effectiveness in the war against cyber threats.

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