5 Essential Features to Make Metaverse More Secure

Written by Mike Boutwell

September 12, 2022

The Metaverse’s potential applications make it a fascinating topic, but, like anything in the tech industry, some steps must be taken to manage its usage. Safety features in the Metaverse must be carefully considered and developed to protect users. So, what specific safety characteristics are required to make the Metaverse more secure?

Let’s look at the threats and find out how to make metaverses safer for yourself and other users.

  1. Prioritizing User Protection

Users are one of the most crucial aspects of any online platform, and this will remain true in the Metaverse. Users’ safety must be prioritized in this virtual environment, just as in the real world. Such measures can take many forms, but providing consumers with acceptable levels of privacy and security should be at the top of the priority list.

Companies in the Metaverse are already working on methods to safeguard consumers from unwanted conduct.

  1. Implementing Rules and Regulations

Suppose the Metaverse is to function similarly to the actual world, with individuals digitally conversing, buying and selling assets, and participating in social activities. In that case, users must live within certain boundaries. While the concept of an ungoverned universe may sound appealing, dangerous individuals may cause problems for other users and even render some services or games hazardous to use.

This is why each metaverse space must emphasize rules and regulations.

  1. Setting Appropriate penalties

If a user misbehaves or commits a crime in the Metaverse, the necessary consequences must be enforced. However, this gets increasingly challenging when we go from the physical to the virtual realm; for example, if a user stalks someone in the Metaverse, could that be considered harassment? Or would the rules of the real world not apply here?

  1. Identification of the User

Nowadays, it’s far too simple for someone to engage in immoral behaviour online and then avoid consequences since the necessary authorities cannot identify them. When people connect to the Metaverse using a VPN, identifying them when they break the law or commit a crime becomes much more difficult.

As a result, there may be a need for a method for a user to validate their identity before being granted entry to the Metaverse. This might also aid in preventing identity theft in the Metaverse, a significant concern.

  1. Buying Hardware Devices from Reputable Companies

One of the most significant issues with the Metaverse is its reliance on hardware. A metaverse cannot exist or function without different external digital devices such as VR headsets. In most cases, they act as a gateway for hackers to access unprotected devices. This can have significant ramifications since attackers can eavesdrop on you or acquire biometric information, which is the primary objective for hackers.

So make sure you only buy these products from reputable manufacturers who employ premium equipment with top-tier security failsafe.


Building the Metaverse without any laws or constraints might soon become chaotic. Though providing users with a joyful and liberating experience is essential, it is equally important to keep them secure while also stopping them from acting immorally to make the Metaverse a safe and sustainable virtual world.

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