Our Pathway to Insightful and Valuable Enterprise Cybersecurity

Developing a cyber security program that truly adds new value to your business is not a one time choice. Before new value can be realized, a mature and stable cyber security program must exist. Ideally, your organization should have underwent a digital transformation to modernize systems, pivot to modern tools and methodology. Security best demonstrates value when business objectives and new values are acheived.

Our Proven 3-Step Approach

Before we carry out our assessments, we first seek to understand your business’s distinct value and vision. We want to understand your goals and objectives so that we can provide long term value in line with your path towards success.

Insightful security programs do not operate in a vaccum. They start with a with an thorough understanding of your organization that is attened through conversations with real people – not getting lost in tabulating reports, surveys, and other nonsense.

In the IDENTIFY sprint, we conduct a workshop and assessment of your current security program. Combined with the understanding of your current use of data, business intelligence, and key growth challenges we are able to suggest strategies that will bring new growth opportunities as well as provide new insights for your security team. As part of this initial exercise, we identify roadblocks so quick wins can be acheived. We also develop a customized roadmap to address your specific growth needs.

In the THINK sprint we work towards developing the foundation of an insightful and reliable enterprise cybersecurity program. Armed with the context gained in sprint 1, we work with your teams to determine the actionable steps required to drive the collaboration forward.

We analyze critical business processes, their dependencies, and conduct working sessions to determine where the greatest value enhancements lie.

In the EXECUTION sprint, we work towards overseeing the implementation of the changes, acting as a focal point for the collaboration between the teams to assure focus is maintained. Out of this, a new understanding of internal synergistic opportunities is gained which allows teams from diverse business units to realize new opportunities for collaboration.

The beginning of new data insights, new revenue streams, and a more meaningful cyber security program emerges in this sprint.

The Price of Security

Simply put, communicating security as a value add has always been a major challenge. Often times managment finds security as “the office of NO” or difficult to work with. Executive and board staff do not always understand the relationship security plays in business risk management.

Yet, no other variable is clearer at demonstrating business value than revenue growth. One of the most under-exploited aspects of security programs and their tools, is the level of business insight they can provide to internal stakeholders.

Security is thought of only as a prevention mechanism. This is something that is and always will be foundational to cyber security. As security programs mature, new needs for the business come along. No longer is it sufficient for security to merely protect an organization. For an information security program to be effective the tools, processes, and methodologies must be integrated seamlessly into the rest of the organization.

As this occurs scaling productivity across an enterprise and serving internal customers becomes a major need. This is where most modern security programs stop. Constantly security professionals are told that they must demonstrate value to the business. The biggest problem with this is that little to no detail is given as to what this actually means.

Infosec Program Partners belives that the next step mature security programs must take is to aid stakeholders in creating new value by leveraging the tools and data at hand. Cyber security serves the business. No other cyber security firm focuses on new business value creation.

Most security consulting firms notoriously focus only on technical controls. Large consulting firms most often focus on upselling and driving their own revenue growth. Most of those firms do not have experience in developing solutions that directly solve tactical, strategic, and compliance challenges in a sustainable manner. By their very definition, their business model can only offer cookie cutter solutions which may not fit your specific business needs.

While working with a large consulting firm may seem impressive, they lack the focus required to directly address building an information security program with value delivery in mind. This can cause management to become distracted from the real goal, which is assuring uptime and growth of business operations.

Few information security consulting agencies understand the relationship between an information security program and enterprise governance. Often times security gaps are not directly related to the efficacy of technical controls, but lie in processes or day to day activities that are often overlooked. The purpose of this approach is to turn known risks into exploitable opportunities to maximize efficiency.

Enterprise cybersecurity

Proven. Proactive. Profitable.

At Infosec Program Partners we understand the pitfalls that improper security controls can have on business operations.

Over the years, we have harnessed and expanded our insight to develop a proven, proactive, and profitable framework. Unlike traditional security models, we take a comprehensive business view on enterprise security, providing executives with purpose-built strategies that they need to gain insightful new value both for business operations and security.

The difference between traditional security services and Infosec Program Partners:

Traditional Security Programs


  • Value adds are communicated in outdated risk models that consider capital saved only
  • Narrow focus, typically on prevention mechanisms only
  • Majority of time spent on remediation issues that do not last
  • Lacks an orderly and comprehensive process that addresses modern business needs
  • Focuses on expenses and rarely takes into account other value trade-offs
  • Black box, cookie-cutter approach that does not take into account business needs, leaving strategic opportunities on the table for competitors to take
  • Does not provide senior management the tools they need to maximize growth, competitiveness, and revenue protection

Our Security Approach


  • Broad focus, ensuring that the security program supports new value co-creation within the overall strategy
  • Heavy focus on balancing security needs with business needs
  • Leverages existing and modern systems requiring minimum reinvestment and maximizing efficiency
  • Looks to improve security’s relationship with business units
  • Your team learns our methodology, thought processes, and techniques so they can creatively explor new value opportunities far into the future
  • Relies heavily on a mature and well functioning security program. Any gaps are quickly identified and filled for quick wins to generate positive momentum


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