Cyber Security and Data Ethics

Written by Mike Boutwell

August 31, 2022

The following are the key examples of Unethical Behaviours in Cyber Security,

  • Abuse of Power
  • Intent
  • Loyalties
  • Principles

Though the people engaged in cyber security are treated well and respected and known for their employment, they also possess unethical behaviors.

People in cyber security need to maintain ethical behavior by avoiding working as spies for other organizations and staying loyal to the working organizations. Their Intent has to be pure as well. There are a higher amount of Insider threats, so cyber security professionals need to be carefully chosen. They have to follow the ethical principles aligning the organization to ensure the trust and safety of the business organization.

Examples of Unethical Behaviour in Data

The following are the key examples of Unethical Behaviours in Data related to big data, Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence,

  • Lack of Consent
  • Outcomes
  • Organizational Goals
  • Lack of Protections

Proper consent has to be mentioned in policies to let the users know the ways and means, the big data is used to maintain Data Ethics. Algorithms of applications such as AI should be trained perfectly. It would generate correct results instead of skewed results for new value creation. The organization’s goals need to be ethical and good intent in all terms for all stakeholders. Also, the big data that are stored need to be protected from misusing and transferring to unauthorized parties.

Addressing Data Ethics and Cyber Security

There are three ways to address Data Ethics and Cyber Security as follows:

  1. For CXO’s and leaders
  2. For customers and employees
  3. For AI, data, and IT teams

For CXO’s and leaders, diverse teams should be set to identify the rise of ethical issues. Also, appropriate policies aligning with the workforce need to be developed. Discussions of ethical and unethical behavior have to take place to guide individuals on the right path.

Customers and employees need to be aware of the data controlled by the organization and identify their rights as users of the organization. Therefore, a better customer experience is maintained.

AI, data, and IT teams should be trained in an appropriate way to ensure user trust. An ethical way of data management has to be maintained.

Ethical Framework for Success

There are eight key Ethical Frameworks for Success as follows:

  1. Defining your core values early on
  2. Integrate ethics in your hiring process
  3. Build a culture of respectful dissent
  4. Choose to always lead by example
  5. Craft values everyone can own
  6. Learn from distant modes
  7. Know your limits as a leader
  8. Establish an independent board

To maintain the success of the business activities, it is important to adhere according to the ethical framework. Initially, you should define the core values of the organization to keep up the standard of your workforce. These values should be combined throughout the hiring process. Then, build a culture to respect one another. This indicates respect towards one’s character and opinions, just like everyone needs a chance to work on.

The organization or team should be led by an example to maintain proper leadership. Next, it is important to have values that everyone can adhere to and own. The distant modes taught a lot of lessons, take in all those lessons and put them into action. Next, a leader has a higher position, and thereby a leader needs to maintain within the limits to sustain a healthy relationship with the worker. Finally, the combination of all these values would result in an independent board.

Ethical Dilemmas and Decision Making

To sort out the issues related to Ethical Dilemmas and decision-making, you can obtain advice from your manager, human resource manager, general counsel, or the global director. Then, you can apply the concepts in the flowchart and analyze them to make an effective and best decision making.


In conclusion, you learned the major concepts in Cyber Security and Data Ethics and in-depth about the crooks and crannies of these concepts. You learned the main tactics in recognizing unethical behaviors and decision-making in Cyber Security and Data Ethics. We hope this article was handy to brush up on some knowledge. Thanks for reading!

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