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Welcome to our collection of information security and cybersecurity books! Delve into “The Ransomware Handbook” by Mike Boutwell, an essential resource that explores the core of ransomware, current trends, and effective strategies to protect your organization. Explore “Profit-Driven Cybersecurity,” a comprehensive guide aligning security measures with business profitability.

Profit-Driven Cybersecurity

profit driven cyber security

If cybersecurity management is so important, why do so many organizations fail to capitalize on the revenue streams it can provide?

“Profit-Driven Cybersecurity: A Guide for Top Leaders on Unlocking Massive Revenue Growth and New Insights” is the ultimate guide for top leaders looking to stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving field of cybersecurity.

Written by a highly-regarded cybersecurity expert with a wealth of experience in the field, this book provides a comprehensive look at the latest strategies and best practices for maximizing revenue growth and gaining a competitive edge in enterprise security.

With this book, you’ll learn how to:

  • Understand the latest trends and developments in the cybersecurity industry
  • Identify new revenue streams and opportunities for growth
  • Create a profit-driven cybersecurity strategy that aligns with your organization’s goals
  • Implement effective risk management and compliance practices
  • Leverage new insights and technologies to drive revenue growth
  • Communicate the value of cybersecurity to stakeholders and decision-makers

Filled with real-world examples and practical advice, “Profit-Driven Cybersecurity” is an essential resource for top leaders in any organization looking to stay ahead of the curve. Buy your copy today and unlock new revenue growth opportunities in the business!

The Ransomware Handbook

The Ransomware Handbook is an essential read for anyone wishing to learn about ransomware attacks. Mike thoroughly examines the essence of what ransomware is, the current trends within ransomware, and how to protect your organisation from this modern threat. The book gives data driven insights on the trends within ransomware, such as the rise of the demanded sums of money and the likelihood of companies retrieving their data.

The Ransomware Handbook contains valuable insights and actionable steps you can take to save 50% and possibly more if you ever fall victim to an attack. Mike has written the book in a very easy to understand way, using as little jargon as possible, so you can get the most value from the book.

Using the latest post pandemic data, a forward leaning view on the spread of cyberattacks and future risks is also presented, complete with bonus documentation and standards you can use to secure your systems and business from the scourge of ransomware.

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