Mike Boutwell

Founding Partner and Managing Director

Mike Boutwell has over 15 years in technology and security experience. He started out as a network infrastructure engineer and moved to network security. As he progressed, he eventually became responsible for enterprise IT architecture for several large firms in the finance industry. He oversaw disaster recovery and business continuity planning for data centers, offices, and co-location sites for major financial sector businesses on three continents.

After taking on a role as a senior architect, Mike began to develop enterprise technology roadmaps in line with client business strategy. Here he worked to add value by developing cost effective standards and risk management procedures. He was directly responsible for overseeing complex implementations with executive level visibility, certifying technology for use within client enterprises, and other strategic IT and risk matters.

Mike then went on to start Pallas Group, a cybersecurity consulting firm assisting clients with security related matters. Since then, he has directly advised financial services firms related to their cybersecurity and risk strategy. He is also the author of

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