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We help financial services firms who want to leverage their cyber security program so they can create new value.

Over the past 15 years, we have been entrusted with securing assets worth more than $27 trillion. We have developed a groundbreaking framework to leverage existing cyber security program elements to create new growth opportunities for your business.

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    Is your team thinking about how
    cyber security is creating new value?

    If you’re in the financial services industry and have a data driven security program, your tools are the single most valuable tool for new value creation and taking market share.

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    But, many companies are under-exploiting it. They think about security only in terms of revenue protection without considering the other aspects in which new business value can be created using existing security tools and procedures.


    Data has often been called “The New Oil”. The value of data internally is obvious. Data is simply a must have to run modern businesses. Just like the rest of your business, effective cyber security is reliant upon actionable and insightful data. Security is often an overlooked aspect of value creation. As most security programs consider only revenue protection, there is little thought given as to how security can drive new growth. Tie the power of data insights and security together and you have a force which has the potential to unleash massive amounts of untapped growth for your business.

    Infosec Program Partners can help you power up your security program now. We’ll show you how to develop innovative strategies to that maximize new value creation also leading to new insights which can be used to identify and minimize risk in new ways.

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    We use tested and proven strategies to help enterprise clients prevent and minimize the impact of digital threats.

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